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When you face serious criminal charges, you need an equally serious criminal defense attorney on your side. In Houston, TX, clients of the Gaither law Firm, PLLC, get the professional legal representation they need to fight back when they are accused or charged with serious criminal offenses.

Gaither Law Firm, PLLC

At the Gaither Law Firm, PLLC, we help clients who are facing even the most challenging and complex criminal charges. We have the experience and legal skills needed to present winning cases in Texas state courts and Federal courts around the country.

Attorney Trent Gaither

For over 30 years, Trent Gaither has successfully represented defendants in complex criminal cases.  He earned his law degree from the University of Houston Law Center in 1985 and was licensed to practice law in Texas.  He is also licensed in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal and Federal District Courts for the Southern, Eastern, and Western Districts of Texas.  Today, this award-winning Houston Criminal Defense Attorney provides complete criminal defense and litigation legal services to clients at his Houston, TX, law office.

Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

A highly-skilled Defense Attorney, Trent Gaither has consistently received awards and national recognition from industry leaders. Most recently, and part of a long list of awards, Martindale-Hubbell included him in their list of Texas Top Rated Lawyers for 2015. He was also included in the Top 100 Trial Lawyers that same year by the National Trial Lawyers organization.

Criminal Defense services provided by Gaither Law Firm and Trent Gaither include some of the most challenging areas of law practice:

  • White Collar Criminal Defense – Serious penalties await persons convicted of White Collar crimes in Texas. We help clients fight charges of embezzlement, racketeering, theft, identity theft, fraud, tax evasion and other offenses that often are heard in Federal courts. Convictions can mean long prison terms, high fines, and additional punitive penalties.
  • Criminal Defense – Federal and State – Many crimes are prosecuted at state levels, but some move up to federal courts, where there are stiffer penalties. With our in-depth knowledge and excellent legal skills, we have successfully represented hundreds of clients in criminal defense trials in all Texas courts and in federal courts nationwide.
  • United States Sentencing Guidelines – Sometimes, the best resolution is damage control.   Sentencing in all federal courts is determined primarily by a set of rules and guidelines that are often as confusing as they are complicated.  We are available for consultation on sentencing issues and take the same straight forward, aggressive, and thorough approach as we would with our own clients. 

Don’t wish for relief; get the strong criminal defense you need today. Contact the Gaither Law Firm, PLLC, in Houston, TX. Call us now, at (713) 865-5600.

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