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Complex Litigation

Many criminal defense and civil cases require services of an attorney with complex litigation skills. It is never a simple matter to deal with multiple parties, large amounts of money and other elements that require exceptional legal skills to develop a winning case argument. If you are facing criminal charges in Texas state courts or in a federal court nationwide, get the legal support you need from the Gaither Law Firm, PLLC, in Houston, TX.

Criminal Defense – Federal and State

Trent Gaither is a Houston-based criminal defense attorney who is licensed in the state of Texas and in the federal court system. With 30 years experience defending the accused in Texas state courts and federal court, he knows the ins and outs of the process at both the state and federal level, and can provide you with unsurpassed criminal defense.

His license and ample experience in the federal court system allows Mr. Gaither to serve clients in federal courts throughout the country. If you are facing federal charges, you need an attorney who will listen to your side of the story, get to the heart of your arrest, and defend you vigorously against the state or federal charges that have been brought against you. For three decades, giving his all to his clients at the worst times in their lives, and getting the accused out from under the criminal charges that have been brought against them, has been Trent Gaither's business.

White Collar Criminal Defense

In 30 years of fighting for the citizen accused in Texas state courts and Federal courts around the country of any type of white collar crime, one of the things we have learned is how important it is to get an early start on a defense. In many cases, investigations into white collar crimes involve talking with your employer and co-workers, friends and family and a deep dive into your personal assets. If you get a white collar criminal defense attorney on the case immediately after finding out you are under investigation, there is a good chance we can help you avoid being indicted for a crime.

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